Rainbow Room'Providing emergency and transitional supplies for unmet material needs of children and families in crisis.'

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5th Annual
Pot of Gold Classic Golf Tournament
25 September 2014

2nd Annual
Rainbow Room Bowling Event
16 May 2014

13th Annual
Flo Berkman Award Luncheon
25 April 2014

The Fort Bend Community Partners Rainbow Room is a charitable organization dedicated to helping children and families in crisis by supporting the efforts of caseworkers. The Rainbow Room is located in the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) building in Rosenberg, Texas and is stocked with emergency supplies caseworkers may distribute to Fort Bend families in crisis. We rely upon the generosity of the community to provide for these needs. Additional programs supported by the Community Partners Board include a Back to School Supply and Uniform Drive as well as a Christmas Project.

Fort Bend Community Partners was established on August 26, 1998 by the Fort Bend County Childrens Protective Services (CPS) Board under the sponsorship of Texas Community Partners. Recognizing that state aid was often not immediately available to children and families in crisis, the Rainbow Room was established to provide immediate access to frequently needed emergency supplies.

In 2012, there were 2,558 reported cases of child abuse in Fort Bend County with 2,208 cases being assigned for investigation. All of these children are eligible for services in the Rainbow Room. Additionally, we gladly serve clients under the care of Adult Protective Services (APS) and regrettably in 2012 there were 840 initial intakes alleging abuse or neglect resulting in 650 investigations for abuse and neglect with 415 of these adults receiving services from APS.